Quick Start Guide

Getting started with QuizSolver is straightforward. Here's how you can begin your journey towards smarter learning:

  1. Install the Extension:

    • Click 'Add to Chrome' to install.

  2. Pin the Extension

    Once installed, ensure you pin QuizSolver to your browser for easy access. This allows you to activate and use QuizSolver effortlessly as you browse.

  3. Sign Up for an Account:

    • After installation, open QuizSolver extension and sign up to create your personal account. This step is crucial to personalize your experience and track your progress.

  4. Email Verification:

    • Upon signing up, you'll receive a verification email. It's crucial to click on the verification link within this email to activate your account. This step is essential to ensure your free credits are added to your account, enabling you to start using QuizSolver effectively.

  5. Start Using QuizSolver:

    • With your account verified and activated, you're all set to begin. Navigate to any quiz or text content, and explore how QuizSolver can assist you in finding answers and explanations.

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